Analogue Moderne is an audio/video design and installation company. Since 1995 we have provided our customers with seamlessly integrated high quality audio/video systems.

Slideshow photos courtesy of Glen Murray Photography. We chose them because they inspire us and they're much nicer than pictures of TV's hanging on walls.


  • Multi Room Lifestyle Audio
  • Home Cinema
  • Pro Audio and Video
  • Boardroom Systems
  • Food and Beverage Facilities
  • Acoustic Room Treatment
  • Dedicated Listening Rooms
  • Cartridge and Stylus Sales
  • Turntable Set Up and Calibration
  • High Performance 2 Channel Audio
  • High Performance Network Systems
  • Application Development

the process

Consultation (kon-suh-tey-shuh) n.  our team members have two eyes, two ears and one mouth. They are used proportionately.

Design (dih-zahyn)  we plan together with you, the functionality and performance of your system. We plan with purpose and meet your objectives.

Installation (in-stuh-ley-shuh) n.  for us, a work of art consisting of multiple components made ready for your use and enjoyment.